Aktion bis 31.12.2018


Welcome to the Schaefer Glas Onlineshop

Dear Sambodha’s,

After consulting with Aaravindha, we have developed a few very beautiful objects with fine details for all Sambodha-interested teachers.

Our pyramids have the spiritually traditional cosmic basic measurements. Aaravindha endorsed the pyramids as very worthy objects with a strong energetic influence (especially when aligned to the north), which are excellently suitable for creating holy space. Silver and gold create a fine polarity that allows them to complement each other energetically.

We have also let these colors flow into the designing of the pyramids. To further support your work, we also offer a pyramid with the original medicine mantra.

We expanded our range to include a couple of nice new products in October 2015. Our glass coasters with water mantra are new to the program and have three different designs which are ideally suited to energize water. Out little glass hearts (with and without pendants) as well as our large blue glass bowls in two variants (with water mantra and the symbol of solar line) are also new.